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Andrew Davies

Seating Section Tool - simple improvements


Would love to see some improvements to Seating Section tool - namely :


  • Consolidate it with the Seating Layout tool (having two similar tools is confusing)
  • Ability to add cross aisles.  Currently can limit the number of rows - but that's pretty useless most of the time.  I'd like to see an option like "Add a Xmm / ' aisle every X rows" or similar
  • Make the focus point more obvious.  Currently only visible (and barely) when in an interactive scaling mode.  This must be a killer for beginners
  • Ability to show loci only instead of actual symbol (on the design layer - not within the tool). It is PAINFULLY slow sometimes with big seating layouts
  • Make the "Always redraw section" check box work.  Doesn't seem to do anything at the moment.  Constantly redraws no matter what
  • Fix the numerous slow downs and odd behaviours.  Just 30 minutes of messing about / experimenting with the tool throws up all sorts of odd stuff.  Currently waiting for the dialogue box to refresh whilst I type (use actual symbols is unticked). Seems the more you use it in one session - the slower it gets?  (just a guess). Been staring at the attached screen shot for about 2 mins?  It won't let me update the seat spacing / row space (as they both default to 0 and 0 - the preview window takes forever to re-draw.  Does it need to refresh after every key press?  Just typing 500 can take 30 seconds waiting for it to update between 5, 0 and 0.
  • Remember settings fro previous session.  Generally - if you have lots of seating sections in one document - they would have the same seat / row spacing and maybe limits.  These need resetting each time you start a new seating section
  • If after deleting some seats manually (after selecting "Edit Seating") - you click on "update" - the seats are replaced with out warning 😡.  Very frustrating. (Update only available if "automatically redraw section" is not selected.  Also happens when you re-shape boundary without warning.  Surely Edit Seats should be used as a last resort)  No point using "Edit Seating" as even a minor change results in your edits being lost.
  • After using "Clip surface" whilst editing the boundary - you are asked if "you want to automatically fill the new area with seats".  Slightly misleading if you have clipped the existing poly.  Should the message say "re-populate the new area?" or similar?
  • After "Edit Seating" you are asked if you want to re-shape the bounding box.  The new bounding box doesn't always help though - doesn't seem to be accurate.  Ie - delete some seats manually whilst in "Edit Seating" mode, let it update the bounding box, then click on update (or for some reason "Always Redraw Section" twice) - and the deleted seats re appear.
  • Add ability to create a centre aisle.  Currently, if you clip surface through the entire seating section - you lose half the seats.  You need to finish the poly just short so that you are not dividing the whole seating section into two.  Bit of a work around and not obvious.


Personally - a straight forward (ie - not curved) seating layout is much quicker using duplicate array etc and not bothering with this tool.  I only use it for curved layouts.  Not worth the effort otherwise.




Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 12.12.51.png

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Hmmpphhh.... was hoping for more votes for this!  Realise that some of these issues should be filed as a bug though.  Maybe I posted just at the wrong time (just before VWX 2019 release)

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Are you using the stock pre-2019 seat symbols? If so that could be what's causing your performance issues.


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