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Autocad import query




I have been sent an autocad file for inspection and work etc.


I have imported the file and all seems fine on the outside.


On closer examination, all the items in the drawing have been classed as symbols. I wish to edit the multiple parts of the drawing as normal but each item is listed as a symbol and all the sub items are noted as a symbol. I know I can manually copy & paste the file the old fashioned way but I am wondering is this a quirk of the import and more importantly is there a sensible way around this.




I am looking a days worth of re-doing plus the issue of my making a mistake rectifying this file.



I am wondering does anyone have any pointers.


I have seen this before and I cannot remember what I did to "cure" the problem.






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Sorry not on pc atm so I can't screen shot, but check your import criteria/setup - there's a variety of ways vw offers help with the way it looks at the dwg/dxf to present it the way you need it. Seems like you've chosen symbols as your requirement 


Lame response, but hope that helps. 



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Normally VW will only import named Blocks from VW as symbols. Anonymous blocks are normally imported as groups.


This sounds like the AC file might be constructed strangely.


If you really want just lines to work with, just Select All, Convert to Group, and Ungroup.  Repeat this process as many times as necessary to get to the point where the file can be used for your purpose.


As @Gadzooks says, there are some options in the import dialog about how the file is imported. You might want to try some different options and see if you get a better import. I don't think there are a lot of options about handling blocks/symbols.


It sounds like you might be more familiar with AC. In which case you might be better off doing an EXPLODE on the drawing prior to doing the import. That should get rid of all the blocks/symbols also.


As always, work on a copy and not the only original of the file. Most of what I have suggested is destructive to the file.


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Hi Pat/Gadzooks


Many thanks for the pointers.


I went with the option of Convert to groups and so on aka Pats method.



I did not think of AC blocks as becoming the symbols in my drawing but that makes sense. I checked the file in autocad but it read oddly. I am not as good with AC as I am with vwx.


The convert to group worked perfectly. 


Thank you very much for the help and the solutions.





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