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I'm not completely sure on this Rick, but I don't believe that the SAT format supports any type of entity heirarchy. Most programs have proprietry type of classification or heirarchical schemes and would be impractical to maintain that info when other programs to which you would import an SAT model would have it's own organizational scheme.

But in answer to your specific question, VW does not support class assignments when exporting SAT to my knowledge, and I regularly export SAT format to use for animations in other packages.

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Thanks for the comment. It seems like .dwg handles this pretty consistently but I think .sat is a different breed of cat.

FormZ writes a seperate .sat file for each layer (analagous to class) in the file being exported.

You'd have to batch import them if you had a lot of layers.

It sure would be nice to have a general purpose export format that would allow one to export 3d data out of VW and bring it into a rendering program with proper material assignments to sub entities of plug-in objects (ie-Style-Glazing 1 would be able to be quickly assigned a glass texture in a different renderer)

One can only hope.


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