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Wall texture alignment after reshape.


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I've always wondered this:


Why do some wall textures stop lining up with each other when the wall is reshaped - even with "Use World Z for Origin" checked.


The second floor walls are duplicates of the first floor, turned into unstyled walls, component tops and bottoms adjusted and then the walls are reshaped to align with roof elements.


Sometimes the renderworks textures stay aligned.  Sometimes they don't.


In the attached example, the texture on the left walls is off in open GL but correct in hidden line.

The texture on the right walls behaves as expected.


Anyone solved this?

Wall Texture Alignment.vwx

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I get this with every model and it is so frustrating.  I would like there to be a coordinate box (or something similar) in the OIP which determines the start point for the texture, so no matter if the wall etc is moved up or down, trimmed, reshaped etc, the surface texture stays where is should be.

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On 9/5/2018 at 7:34 PM, BG said:

I've tried that, but as you say, it doesn't always fix the problem.  And, I want to be able to specify exactly where the texture origin is set from. e.g. 50 mm below the floor level or whatever.

I share your pain.  So often a texture like a brick or stone starts half way in a stone or brick with no way to shift it up with all walls matching up.

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