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Planar Boolean from two lists of objects

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I want to do a planar boolean intersect object operation with two lists of objects. I got two lists of objects:

A1  B1

A2  B2

A3  B3

...   ...

What i want to do is to intersect them like:

A1 with B1

A2 with B2

A3 with B3



When i just input list 1 and list into the hBlank and hTool inputs of planar boolean it seems to intersect them like:

A1 with B1, B2, B3, ...

A2 with B1, B2, B3, ...

A3 with B1, B2, B3, ...


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This is what i did for now. Unfortunately the network does only work with a certain amount of inputs. So if you have any other suggestions, I'd be very grateful.



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I have created a version of the node that I think might work for you. I have added a dropdown menu that allows you to choose whether to cross reference or to compare lists. For brevity's sake, I only added the option of "shortest list" so if one list is longer than the other, the extra of the longer list will be ignored.



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@sbarrett, could this be reworked so that the "A" polygons were on one design layer named "A", and the "B" polygons were a second design layer named "B", and then the resultant geometry gets placed on a 3rd layer? I'm thinking about how this may be applicable to creating and defining exst/demo/new surface areas on a site plan.



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From a scripting standpoint, I think you could easily put these objects in separate classes. Putting them in separate layers can be a little trickier, because the created geometry is always placed in a group and that group will be placed on the active layer, no matter what layer the objects INSIDE the group are on. The way around this would be to place your starting objects on the layers that you want them on, and then run your script with the active layer set to the layer that you want those objects placed on.


You can do this within the script with classes using the Set Class node from the attributes folder, or with layers using the Set Layer node from the Layers folder.

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