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RDS Casa

VELFAC windows

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Hello. Can anyone help on the velfac windows included in the library? 


I tried just dropping in the Velfac windows from the libraries. They don't look anything like the 200 (very popular) series. To me, they just look like some generic Lego style window which is named as velfac? I can't get the catalogue thing to work at all? any pointers?


So I tried making my own simplified version. This has been better, but still frustrating. If you look at the attached file you will see two approaches. The one on the west wall is the best so far.


(to understand the issue here, its important to understand the velfac geometry, where the opening sash sits in line with the internal timber frame. https://velfac.co.uk/domestic/technical/velfac-200/ ) 


See attached VW file.


West wall. This was created using the settings and the offsets. Its a simplified version of the Velfac geometry. BUT for some reason it continues to want to sit the wrong way around in the wall. I don't know why this is. But if you try to add a cill, it wants to put it on the inside, so I know I have something wrong here. When I "reverse" in the settings, It seems to want to take a big chunk out the Jamb. Presumably because it thinks this is some kind of inward opening unit, so auto cuts back the jamb? So I'm currently having to use these the wrong way around with no cills.


The one on the north wall is trying to use an architrave for the internal timber frame. This looks ok in plan, but only applies the architrave to the jamb and head, missing the cill member out. 


On the south wall is another version, based on the first. Here I tried to set it as a fixed casement (even though in reality it needs to be a side hung). The fixed casement options stops the configuration from automatically taking the chunk out the jamb. BUT I can't get this to sit the right way around in the wall? 


Any advice on where I'm going wrong, or better how the proper Velfac windows should work from the library?




velfac window test.vwx

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Correct me if I'm wrong...the GEOMETRY for any window is the standard Vectorworks geometry.  The SIZE of the window and the DATA that appears in a Window Schedule will be specific to a selected catalog window.

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RDS Casa, you are correct, the sash width offsets are incorrect in the libraries. The Vectorworks window can do a reasonable approximation (say LOD 300) of a Velfac window. I have entered a bug for this in our tracking system. In the meantime, if you need to make a Velfac window, the following settings in the "Sash and Jamb" pane of the Window dialog should get you there: Hope this helps.


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Thanks all.


@Wes Gardner You might not be wrong... but on this one its not really about the schedule. Its exactly as @Robert Anderson has suggested, LOD300. I want the GA plans to look correct enough at 1:50, and for some of them to form the basis of the the details which I CAD over in 2D. 


Velfac send out a full schedule in their own format anyway, which

A: in 10 years they have never got entirely right regardless of the schedule I send them from which its generated,

B: they always insist their schedule is signed before order, even if I ask them to just follow our schedule.


So, I now just give them the Structural openings and elevations drawings, because I have to go through their schedule with a fine tooth comb anyway. Its just quicker to red pen their work. 


@Robert Anderson Thanks, these settings are an improvement on the ones I was using, Thanks so much for taking the time. BUT, I still think these suffer from the orientation issue? When you turn the cill on, it appears on the wrong side of the window? i.e. the inside. When you flip it in the wall, so the cill is on the outside, the geometry is completely thrown out (maybe because something in the PIO is telling it to cut back the jambs to suit an inward opening window?)


I've tried to demonstrate  this in the updated attached test. On the north wall, I have now plugged your jamb and sash numbers in. As you can see on the left (in plan), it works nicely, but the cill is on the wrong side (I've pulled one out the wall to demonstrate). On the right I tried flipping it. The cill moves to the correct side of the wall but the (careful considered LOD 300) geometry is thrown out. Its like it flips the cill, but not the frame. When you pull it out the wall, the cill is on the correct side relative to the wall, but not the window, although the window geometry corrects itself? 


Thanks again to both of you for taking the time to respond.



velfac window test.vwx

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@RDS Casa, I'll look into the issue of the window sills. It may be that I have to reverse the sign on an offset. I'll let you know.

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I've looked at your file, and it looks to me like a bug in the sill code. For now, I'd recommend turning off sills and placing them as independent symbols. See the attached file: Sill_test_v2018.vwx


I'll submit your other file to the Window/Door engineer as a bugfile. Thanks!

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When you are fixing it, maybe we can have an aluminum option? the aluminum pressed metal cills are a standard option with both Velfac and Ideal combi, who make up good sized  part of the market in the uk. The aluminum cil option would be a good addition to the velfac type window. 


They are made by a company called Finish Aluminum. I can send you a profile drawing if you need it. They are not complicated in section. Easily within this LOD300 type level.


Thanks again for looking at this. 

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