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I am currently going through the process of making short video clips for clients to view on their home pc. I have been able to create suitable clips but vectorworks only seems to create quicktime MOV format. This is good but not all of our clients have quick time to be able to view this format. Is it possible for vectorworks to create video in other formats e.g. MPEG, WMV etc etc???

I have also played around with converting quicktime to other formats but there seems, generally, to be a substantial loss in quality.

Any assistance that anyone could give me would be of great help.


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Yea the theory is good but some clients need their hands held with anything to do with computers and not all have hi spead internet therefore the download takes some time. would be much easier if windows media player could be used. possibly would be good if I could give them a copy of quicktime on the disk that I gave them. Do you know if there is any copy write issues with doing that.

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