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Classes turning off when returning to sheet layer

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If you don't press 'return to viewport' when on the design layer, and go straight to the sheet layer tab and choose a sheet, you end up with all the classes that were turned off on the design layer, being turned off on the sheet too. Why is this even a thing? I can see no advantage to this. 



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I was thinking the "Display using Viewport Attributes" would address your question but I see that is not quite what you mean.


My only issue with this is that if you have classed objects on your sheet layer that are not in a viewport then there is a danger that these classes may inadvertently have their visibilities turned off when you go to print. This could potentially be disastrous if the info is important and no one notices that it is missing.


For that reason I tend to have all my sheet layer objects on the None class by default and all classed objects in VP annotations so that their visibilities are controlled by the VP settings rather than whatever classes happen to be on or off at the time.

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I always have my sheet layer items on none for the same reason. However things in a company always slip through the net. I'm just not sure what the purpose of this function is actually for - it seems counter productive to me as there's no reason I would want my sheet layer classes to match my viewport classes,

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