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Vision won't update

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I have been using Vision 2018 on my PC with relatively few issues. I had a major Windows crash and did a clear reinstall of Windows 10 and then Vision 2018. It launches fine, but I cannot update either the subscription of fixtures, If I select either one, I get a short spring blue circle and nothing else. No update windows.  I've tried reinstalling to no avail.


Do I need to do another clean install of Windows?

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I will give it a try. I did update via Help menu, but did not try to run as administrator. I  did  have an issue where Vision would not launch due  to a missing MSVCR110.dll file. I found a reference on the community board and downloaded a bunch of windows system file installers to fix it.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Make sure you run all the windows updates and use the latest Vision installer. We had issues with a clean install of Windows 10. Once we installed all the updates and ran the installer again everything worked fine.

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Thanks Kevin


I tried all that to no avail. I also had an issue with a new install of Vectorworks where I would get a window saying 'windows can't find target' right after the resource browser loaded. After clicking OK twice it went away, but the resource browser did not load my favorites. Guessing it couldn't find the directory it was looking for.


I'm doing a wipe the hard drive reinstall of windows 10 now. Can you send me a link to the most recent Vision installer to bhorowitz@earthlink.net?



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