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OpenGL render - same planes



I rendered a fixed window with 4 panes and discovered this oddity.  At the location where the glass panes meet the jambs and mullions, the glass pane and the framing members are in the same plane, so the OpenGL render shows the interference patterns that it always shows when two objects share the same plane.  In the attached image, I put a red dot near one such occurrence.   Is there a way to eliminate this ?

test window.tiff

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

At the moment, none that I am aware of. Renderworks is able to tell that they are coplanar and cull out the one surface nearly all the time, but OpenGL at the moment does not have a clean way of resolving z fighting (the term for when two coplanar faces do this visually) especially when you have edges enabled.

In the past, this was permitted since OpenGL was considered a preview/drafting view and not one for final presentation, but now with all the improvements we've made to its speed and looks, i'm sure users want to have it as a final render option.

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1 hour ago, domer1322 said:

Is there a way to eliminate this ?


Not that I am aware of.

I asked for this in the past too.

(Same and even more noticeable in Curtain Walls)


I think that is why the default Glass Pane Thickness in Windows is set

to 0,00003xx m. Which is also the solution or better workaround.


For rendering purposes I often use Custom Geometry when I want panes

with real thickness or double panes. Like setting PIO Glass geometry to

non-plot Class and using a single Extrude for the whole Wall or even Building.

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