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Export Image maximum size?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

From what I recall, the maximum resolution of an exported image is directly related to how much system RAM you have available. So if you click "Update" on the right of the Export Image dialog after entering the DPI and desired resolution/page inches, as long as you have more available RAM than it expects to use, it should allow the export.

What size image are you exporting, at what DPI, and how much RAM does your system currently have?

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Its a Viewport of a Park, with around 221 x 244 meters at 72 DPS and my MAC has 16 GB RAM.


Edit: 221 x 244 meters. Means I am trying to export it at 1:1 scale as an image.


If its dependent on RAM, that makes sense and already cleared my question. I really thank you for that, Good Sir.

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Fortunately Vectorworks stopped you. The image of your park would have had an uncompressed file size of more than 1000 terabytes. Use the size you want it to be printed in the end. Choose the quality by the dpi. Usually bigger images need less dpi as you look at them from a certain distance.

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