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Malfunctioning wall recess help needed



I'm trying to add an EIFS recess grove into a wall, and I get a strange result.  Can you help ?    I copied a sample wall from the main file and made the images I attached.  (I added a table just to give some orientation.)   As you can see, the EIFS grooves show up OK in the OpenGL render, but when I switch to 2D plan view, the whole wall disappears except for the ends (as seen in the far right of the image).  Also notice that the wall has a cap on the bottom end where I tried to wrap the EIFS around it.  I attached the sample VW 2015 file.


Did I mess up something with various settings, or is this an unsolvable VW software glitch ?


test wall.tiff

test wall VW15.vwx

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @domer1322,


Check out this file. 

test wall VW15-MGP.vwx


I created 2 symbols with two variations. The symbol 3D component has a text and line object in the NonPrint class and a locus point. the real magic happens in the Wall Hole Component. there, I have the geometry to remove from the wall. Note: In order to get a clean cut, I enlarged the geometry so that it protrudes beyond the face of the wall. this prevents possible slivers where the wall face is not completely removed by the wall hole geometry.


Note: The "Wall Reveal 2" symbol contains geometry that wraps around the wall end caps.


BTW: There's another thread on this that might have more detail about this method but I cannot track it down and I'm on the way out the door.

Hope this helps!



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thank you so very much ... that solved it.  The key is that you used a 3D hole component of a symbol to make the EIFS recess 'groove'.  I've been trying for a long time to do this using the menu item "Create Wall Recess" but I've often had odd results, like the one in this case.    Again ... thanks.



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