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Saved As file won't let me amend existing elements after the first session



I created a garden design and am now tweaking amends.  Originally I thought the problem was with layer and class visibilities but it is not.  When I visit the layer with most of the concept design ion I can see it in grey outline but I can't select or amend any of it.  It is appearing in the sheet layer that I created to print the design.  Some of the objects (a table and chairs) are showing but the majority of the objects - hardscaping planting etc isn't.  I attach a screen grab of the design layer and then the sheet layer to illustrate what I mean.  View, design layers and classes are on show snap others and apart from this I can't work out what I have switched on or off to make this happen.  When I save as the original file I can select and amend the elements.  It is only after I have finished working and I revisit the file to continue working that everything appears greyed out.  Is this a bug anyone knows about?  Because I am on the student version, I don't appear to get access to the newer versions of the software.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 09.27.01.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 09.33.09.png

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You are looking at either grayed layers (most likely) or classes.  Check your navigation palette:  is your general class setting (at the top) Show/Modify Others (it should be)?  Are any individual classes set to gray that shouldn't?  In the general layer setting, you should see either Show/Snap Others or Show/Modify Others.  Are any of your individual layers gray that shouldn't be?


BTW, when you take a screen shot like this it would be helpful if you included the navigation palette.  Also, it is sometimes important to know the VW version you are using.

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