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Disappearing Textures Still?


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A few versions back, and a few years ago I posted the question as to why textures randomly disappear on objects after awhile. I'm using 2018 and still having the issue. It seems to happen on Extrude along a path objects more than others but not exclusively. When you select the object, the Render Tab sill shows the texture applied so its not like I'm accidentally assigning no texture to them. As soon as you re-assign the texture its fine but I always have to hunt around in a model before I run a big render as there will almost always be a few. Often they are inside of groups or even in symbols. The rest of the group or symbol will be fine but one piece will draw white. And its white like No texture and White fill as AO still appears--not like a white hole in the render. 

I'm hoping this goes away in 19?  


VW 18     I7-8700k  3.70     32RAM  GTX 1080   Wind 10 

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Same here on SP5.3 !


For a while I was having luck getting textures to display by selecting the last item in the drop-down Part menu of the OIP

I did not even have to change that item - just selecting it would cause the other side I wanted to texture to appear.

But then it would stop working altogether. 

Sometimes it will render the next texture from the list of textures chosen. So I would chose the wrong texture to get the correct one to display. But that stopped working as well.

It just doesn't work reliably.

Extremely frustrating when you have clients that need rendered work for review.

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To be clear, the issue I have occurs when rendering on the design layer. It always involves an image texture. The textures in question seem to always work correctly In OpenGL but disappear when RenderWorks takes over. If the image texture also includes reflectivity or bumps, those will still work. It’s the image that disappears. It doesn’t happen to every texture, but once an issue occurs, it becomes reoccurring.  A quick solution is to open the edit dialogue for  the texture in question and then close it. 

Just considering issues with textures that I recall off the top of my head, I wonder if mirroring might cause that?  

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The problem was with OpenGl on design layers for me. It doesn't matter what kind of texture it is and it is not selective about the nature of the texture content.

I try clicking around on things, moving in/out, changing views, etc. These things sometimes get it to come back. Other times, delete and recreate, close and reopen, etc.

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