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Object info palette flashing / blinking



Hi there,


I'm using Landmark 2018

on a microsoft surface (sad face).


I have to mess with a lot of plant symbols. Whenever I need to change something in the Object Info palette. the palette blinks three times per thing I have to change. so that's like 3 extra seconds, if not more, to change each thing for my plants.


order of events:

place some plant symbols

highlight them

in object info palette scroll to Polygon Display

change it to something

watch the darn thing blink three times



This is driving me absolutely nuts...


any ideas what the problem is?

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On 8/23/2018 at 8:20 AM, laurakukulski said:

any ideas what the problem is?


For the benefit of anyone searching this forum for issues encountered while using Vectorworks on a Microsoft Surface: This issue is likely due to Vectorworks being run on a tablet instead of an industrial grade computer, which is warranted to run industrial grade software...


Because the Object Info Palette is visually built on-screen every time its content must change, I expect this behaviour occurs on all Windows computers but it just occurs fast enough for this to not be so noticeable. Having said that, the efficiency of the Object Info Palette has been reengineered and drastically improved in the Windows version of Vectorworks 2019. 

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