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VW2019 Fundamentals - Tools Taken Away

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On 10/23/2018 at 8:51 AM, barkest said:



Stuff has been missing from the Education version (Designer) forever. I have enough posts on it and to be fair  @Jim did get some stuff reinstated but broadly speaking we still don't get everything we need but small steps forward are better than backwards as explained in this thread.


I never understood the paranoia compared to other vendors who actively push their software onto edu users with no difference between full and edu version.





What I meant was: please don’t skip anything (more) in the edu version…


We’re good to go with what we have now. Students sometimes use the library other vendors have to import items they miss. — Or simply don’t have time/capabilities to make within their project. 


All functions they need are still there. Could use some improvement to stairs, though. But that’s already mentioned in other treads. 

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just yesterday i upgraded to 2019 because the previous version of vw had been slowed down - like 20 mins to open- open files today and looking for wall, windows etc - only to find that they've been removed !!!!! I use these all the time they are my main tools for my work.. I don't 3d model...i'm really angry... 


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Maybe the parallel line tool could be modified to emulate the wall tool.


Even though VW is taking the Wall Tool, they still say Fundamentals is 3D. If the parallel line tool could join and be stretched as a single component, be extruded and rendered, then maybe it's Ok to remove the wall tool .... hang on a minute, isn't this the wall tool back again 😂

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So I paid the yearly "Service Select" fee and when I downloaded the software I got a crippled version.

Is this a business model?

What features will you delete next year?

Higher level users beware.

I'm a user since Minicad 1.??

I'll be looking for an alternative.


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