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Can't select objects created in a layer



I created a garden design and am now tweaking amends.  I do not know what I have done as when I visit the layer with most of the concept design ion I can see it in grey outline but I can't select or amend any of it.  It is appearing in the sheet layer that I created to print the design.  Some of the objects (a table and chairs) are showing but the majority of the objects - hardscaping planting etc isn't.  I attach a screen grab of the design layer and then the sheet layer to illustrate what I mean.  View, design layers is on show snap others and apart from this I can't work out what I have switched on or off to make this happen.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 09.27.01.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 09.33.09.png

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Turns out I wasn't such an idiot.  So I have saved my original file as another version to revise the design.  Whilst I am working on it in the session I can see my old design and modify the elements on it.  When I close and come back to it the next day everything is greyed out apart from a couple of elements exactly as shown on the attached files that I uploaded before.  The original design is always OK it is only happening on the saved as versions of the files and only happens to the old elements not the ones I create after I have 'saved as'.  Is there a bug I should know of?


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Seems odd after you had earlier said that class visibilities had been the cause. Whats changed?


However if it's still a problem, I thought this would be something quite simple, but it seems not.


I'm not aware of any other factors that would affect the drawing like this. Someone else may be better informed.


Other than that - are you able to post the drawing, or part that still shows problems? I'm happy to have a look at the file if you PM it to me.



Grasping at straws here - I think you most probably have, but just to confirm - you have Unified View on?






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Thanks.  I had saved the file again whilst I was waiting for replies and when I did made sure that I did the class visibility option and assumed that had made it work.  Now that I have saved and gone back into the file I can see that it wasn't that issue at all.  If you don't mind I can send it to you but it does sound like it might be one for vectorworks.  Up to you.  I've resigned myself to redrawing and using the old design as a grid for speed's sake as I need to deliver this tomorrow.  

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I had this issue too. It occurs only once in a long time so one forgets the solution. The layer options are nr one to check but if this doesnt solve it, check the setting of the view. Sometimes by accident, without noticing its switching to Top view instead of Top/Plan. The latter makes the 2d object editable in the proper layer setting, the first does NOT.

Good luck! 


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I just encountered a similar issue with a mostly greyed-out, non-selectable drawing. Layers was set to show/snap/modify others as was class, but most of the objects on all layers were greyed out and not selectable, although the snap was working. I didn't make any changes to the drawing beyond adding a notes box when it happened. So, I did some nosing around on this forum and others and started exploring my settings. It turns out the "none" class had mysteriously been made non-visible. I changed it to visible and the problem was solved. Now, I need to figure out how the switch happened, but I'm thankful I'm not redrawing a set design right now.



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