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Finding the right texture easily?

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Can anyone please tell me an easy way to locate the right texture easily? What I mean is, say I want to find a stacked stone texture for use on a wall with the pattern I have in mind. The thumbnails in the resource browser are too small to tell which is a suitable candidate, and there are loads of them. Rather than doing sometimes multiple random selections, applying each one to a wall component, then visualizing what it looks like, is there any kind of at-your-fingertips catalog showing the textures in full size?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

For Stones, Wood, and similar building materials, we have the Arroway libraries.  you can search on their website, www.arroway-textures.ch and then search for the number you like.  we used the same numbers to title the texture in the library.  So stonework 015 is the same on the website in and the library.  hope that helps.

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Thanks, Rob. That covers Arroway anyway. I have done what you suggested before. I was hoping I didn't have to go outside VW to do this. And you can't do it for a whole lot of other textures, while some texture thumbnails easily show what you're going to get. Why can't the thumbnails be consistent in a WYSIWYG kind of way? Wish List?...

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