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Irrigation Tools...So Slow!

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When doing a large irrigation system (I'm working on several with over 70 stations), the connection time is incredibly cumbersome and slow. The file I am currently working on takes up to 15 seconds to make one connection. Additionally, we have already turned off the Auto Calculation Update feature, so that is just processing time.


Some simple math to show you how cumbersome this actually is...

  • 830 outlets of just one type (over 2000 total in the project) = 830 connections
  • 830 connections at 15 seconds each = 12,450 seconds = 207.5 minutes = approximately 3.5 hours of drafting to make the connections.


When compared to our traditional methods, we could do this drafting in approximately 1 hour or less.


So for 2.5 extra hours, what do I get? Some data attached to the pipe network? That would be great, except half the time there is at least 1 error for every 20 outlets, which has to be found, diagnosed, and corrected, adding at least another hour to the mix.


I get that we are supposed to be moving into the "smarter, not harder" category, but this is only coming at it from the "smarter" perspective while making it a whole lot harder to meet your targets. 


Expand your horizons Landmark and start thinking bigger than a single, lot residential project. We need BIG applications here that scale easily!

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Eric, Not sure if you have shared this file with Vlado and/or tech support, but it would be good to have the file to either solve the issue in the file, or file a performance bug to solve this for future large projects.

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I am having the same issues.  Dreading the start of another ballfield project.

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3 minutes ago, Vladislav Stanev said:

@ericjhberg can you send me a test file? I want to profile and see what's going on, so we can fix the problem: vstanev@vectorworks.net


Hi @Vladislav Stanev. I'll try to get you something today or tomorrow. It's gonna be BIG!

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