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commands for zoom line thickness + b/w only

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i frequently find myself switching the preferences on and off for zoom line thickness and black/white only. unfortunately, it's pretty cumbersome to get to these options. i was wondering if it's possible to assign key commands to items (such as these) that are found in the vectorworks + document prefence menus?


vw11.0.1 mac os10.3.5

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U can try this....

For Line Thickness.

Procedure ZoomlinePref;


if GetPref(9) then SetPref(9,false) else SetPref(9,true) ;



For Line B&W.

Procedure BWPref;


if GetPref(10) then SetPref(10,false) else SetPref(10,true) ;




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You can do this pref toggling in a single line:

SetPref(9, NOT GetPref(9));

You don't even need the Procedure/Begin/End/run stuff.

You can easily make a script and assign it to a menu command, and then assign a keyboard shortcut to that command. Choose the menu command Organize->Scripts->VectorScript Plug-In Editor..., select "New..." from that dialog and make a new command, then after clicking OK select Script... and enter the script above. It'll be available in the Workspace Editor for adding to your workspace (look under Miscellaneous.)

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