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Linking panorama 3D to each other


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1 hour ago, EAlexander said:

So, are you making these of set designs?  Any examples you can share?


Been designing an escape room lately, but it's for a large company and I'm not allowed to share anything :-/

Just did a quick browse and here's an example that shows off some of the features of the site: https://roundme.com/tour/129753/view/328068 

A lot of the users seem to be using it for photographic panoramas, but it works great with rendered panoramas as well.

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The Vectorworks Store presentation you made last year. The component needed to do this is NOT in the VectorWorks software, it is only in the cloud ?

I am running VW 2020 SP3.1 (Designer)


Help does not find anything related to what you posted a link to above. (...create linked panoramas)


In the New Features for Service Pack 3, listed in VW 2020 Help,  there is no mention. (...create linked panoramas)


Fill me in Please and Thank You ...  Peter





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Vectorworks and the Cloud App are the new two best buddies. One creates the content and the other one puts it all together for presentation purposes.

The help/information needed is in the cloud portal. Search for "Create presentations".


Here is what is posted:


"Vectorworks can generate many types of presentation files, such as PDFs, images, and movies, as well as web views and 360° panoramic images that provide interactive 3D views. You can use all of these file types to create interactive presentations of your design. The presentations can then be shared with clients and collaborators and viewed from any web enabled device, as well as in virtual reality. Check our sample here.

A presentation can contain two types of slides: boards and tours.

Boards enhance 2D images or .pdf files with other content, such as text or other linked files.

Tours create virtual, immersive, 360° walkthroughs of your design by linking panoramic images to each other. Optionally, you can create a tour map to show how each panoramic image relates to the overall model.

Before you create a presentation, generate files from the model in Vectorworks.

Image files: See Publish files from Vectorworks.

.pdf  files: See Generate .pdf files from .vwx files and Publish files from Vectorworks.

Movies: See Export animations from Vectorworks.

3D models (.vgx files): See Generate 3D models from .vwx files or Export Web View from Vectorworks.

Panoramic images: See Export Rendered Panoramas from Vectorworks

Each presentation has its own library, which contains copies of the original source files. This ensures that your presentation remains unchanged even if you make changes to the files in your cloud storage later. If you make a change to a file, you can re-add it to the library, overwriting the existing file in the library, and any slides that use it will be automatically updated.

The Resource panel for each slide contains files that are only available to the current slide. It is not necessary for all files in a board to be pinned, in order to display them to your audience. For example, you can create one pin and then use the arrows at the bottom of the window to navigate between all the files in the Resource panel. In a tour, all panoramic images must be pinned either on a map or to each other in order to display them to your audience.

Assemble the presentation on a desktop browser for the best possible experience. Due to screen size, some of the presentation editing capabilities may be limited on a mobile browser"


Here is the link:



I hope this helps.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
20 minutes ago, Kevin Allen said:

I'm a little unclear on this capability. Can I create panoramas of two different, adjacent rooms and then click from one room into another?


Yes, exactly.  You drag hotspots onto each to link them together.  There is also a map view where you can show the hotspots for each room on a map image for context.



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@Luis M Ruiz I am not sure whether this post (or Troubleshooting & bug submission) is the right place to share it. I find Panorama & Cloud presentations a wonderful, reliable and intuitive tool, both on the designer and on the client side. While testing a couple of tours with some of our clients, we  bumped into this issue: any suggestion? Are we doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.



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@Elite Exhibits not sure this is the answer you’re looking for, but this might help: panorama images are exported with a 45 angle counterclockwise (10.30 hrs). Therefore if you want a panorama facing your target, rotate the view 45 clockwise. Nevertheless this is not so relevant when you combine panoramas together in a tour via VW Cloud: there you can pick your target/orientation within the image very easily.


This video might also help:



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