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Viewport class over-ride doesn't work on site models.



In the attached file I've got two renderworks viewports, looking at a simple cube and a site model. Both of those objects are in a class with a pink/purple texture, and sure enough they render correctly in the top viewport.


However in the bottom viewport, I've set that class to be over-ridden with another class which has a yellow-orange texture.


The cube takes on the new texture as expected but the site model doesn't (the side skirt does but not the 3d polygons on the surface).


In the settings for the site model the graphic properties for the 3d polygons are set as "site model class". Therefore they should be "pink class" which should be over-ridden by "orange class" in the bottom viewport but this doesn't happen. If I change that attribute setting from "site model class" to "pink class" the same happens.


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Just looked at your file - why would you want the poly on top of the site model to render at all?

A solution would be to put the poly in a seperate class and not render it/also override that class with the orange one.

Am I understanding your problem correctly?

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I think you may not be understanding correctly. The 3d polys are the ones that make up the surface of the site model - the ground in other words. Obviously I'd want the ground to render, with whatever texture I want it to have, for example grass.


Whatever class I set those polys to be in, it fails to be over-ridden in the lower viewport.

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