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Marionette Functional for Me!!

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Almost two years ago I had to abandon Marionette due to it's relentless dysfunctionalism (https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/44939-marionette-dysfunctional-for-me/&tab=comments#comment-257505).  And then a year ago, another ultimately-abandoned attempt (https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/52734-marionette-hopeless/&tab=comments#comment-264307).  More recently, and very much against my better judgment, with VW 2018 Service Pack 3, I randomly decided to give it another try, and...


It is SO much better and significantly more stable!!  I have been able to produce and successfully use a small collection of extremely useful Marionette objects!  (Balusters between Newels; Cubbies; Coat Hooks; Door Opening Trim/Casing; a Raised Panel object; and a simple Stair Run object.  I've even got my original Cabinet Door Face and Roof Face Section objects working (and they can be mirrored (without the need for any "mirror" node)).  Not only that, but I was able to create most of them reasonably quickly, such that they're easily paying for themselves with the first, or maybe second, project for which they're used!


Sure, there are still some issues and idiosyncrasies, but, overall, much improved!!


Textures applied to Marionette objects seem to have absolutely no tenacity whatsoever.  Frequently they randomly change to some other texture...


And for some Marionette objects, it seems necessary to go to the Library file, copy the object, and paste it into the project file.  Trying to import via the Resource Browser can result in anything from Marionette failures to Vectorworks just crashing...


But hopefully the trend with SP3 will continue, and soon these issues will be resolved as well!




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Great News!


Has you I had given twice a trie on Marionette. In the second round I even introduced it in the workflow of the office 3 objects I have created (automatic ceiling coves, automatic standard facade, automatic skirting) ....it works....but with so much pain, file crashes, file slow down, strange resets for the original shape ....in the end do not pay the enfort :


The time to Create the Marionette + the time to solve is issues in each file > The time to do it Manually Old Fashion Style (doing the same little tasks repeatedly)


Reading you, I probably will give Marionette a third trying 


it it is really more stable....no bugs ...no strange behaviors....no crash every object update? 

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I don't know what to tell you.  Trying Marionette again with 2018 SP3 I hadn't stumbled across any new, greater understanding of Marionette or how it's supposed to work.  I just kept doing things as I'd always been doing them and, for the most part (there're still a few glitches and odd behaviors), the difference has been night and day.  You do want to check your old networks for missing & rogue wires; I had to repair a few.  But, mostly, I found myself cranking out one Marionette object after another with great success!  Can't hurt to give it another try (well, other than the stress and the possibility of losing a computer through a window...).

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I will try again!


I have used Blueprint code in UE4 and the Xpresso on C4D with great results and improvements on my office Workflow. 

I was hopping that Marionette could do the same with Vectorworks 

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