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Viewport render times

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Is there a possibility to reference the time a rendering has taken (preferably in the OIP of a VP)?

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Here’s a link to a previous wishlist item requesting this:


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It's not ideal, but one thing you can do is Publish the sheet layers containing the viewports. Vectorworks generates a publish log that tells you how long each sheet takes to produce. I say it's not ideal because there's no opportunity to cancel. But if you want to kick off a few different versions and go get some coffee...


The log file report looks like this (file name removed):


ITEM                           FILE FORMAT    RESULT                SOURCE FILE
----                           -----------    --------------------  -------------
1-Site Plan                    PDF            (    4.90s)   SUCCESS 
2-Seating Plan                 PDF            (    4.75s)   SUCCESS 
3-Production Plan              PDF            (    3.07s)   SUCCESS 
4-Rigging Plot                 PDF            (    4.30s)   SUCCESS
5-Elevations                   PDF            (   22.15s)   SUCCESS
6-House Drape & Riser Plot     PDF            (    1.75s)   SUCCESS 


I do think having a way to track render time data within the program would be extremely valuable, and I've mentioned to Vectorworks team members on the phone and at trade shows. Generally the answer is something like, "well, you can see it on the lower right once the viewport has rendered." 



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