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2D Doors

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Hi all,


Does anyone have a simple 2D Dooors symbol/element to share. I am using German version of VW17 and here in office we are still drawing old school 2D, meaning that standard 2D/3D door element doesent work too good as it is not inserted in a "real" wall. (we are drawing walls with lines/polylines - very , very old school, but i cant really do anything about it)


I was hoping that there is a way to have simple door that would have a white polygon underneath so that it could imitate insertion procedure. 


Thanks in advance


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@jah011 (why, why, why????)


(Not to be rude 😀) OK - seems you're in a position you're not able to influence. The company bought a new car with some excellent 'bells and whistles', but they insist you can only use it if you tether up a horse, sit on the roof and get pulled around town.


To be serious, you have the tools available to stay with 2D if you need to.


Choose door from the tools..




Place a simple 'unstyled' door in 'Top/Plan', and this will be placed in its 2D guise.




You can see the OIP will allow you to change the simple width - which I assume is all you feel you need for this process.


You can see if you go to a 3D view that the door is still capable of appearing in 3D.




But I guess you need to 'kill' that.


Pick the door shape and 'ungroup'




OK to this..




The door now has its individual shapes (and lost the ability to show in 3D)

Add your white polygon if you wish.


Best to Group it again.




You can now place this in your plans as your 2D only door. I assume you may choose this method for your windows?


Suggest you create this into a symbol (maybe with the door width in the name) and use that, with other width doors, as your quick access door library.


After you get used to this process, you could look at showing a door leaf half open etc. sliding/folding etc. (all with the 3D 'turned off')


But really - you could be doing some 3D work on your own and showing your colleagues what a missed opportunity they have. (lost cause?)


Hope the latter is something you try...and let us know!


All the best.


Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 11.49.32.png



@Jim Wilson  - why does the image above, that I deleted, still show?. Forum software bug?



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Spellin mistooks and BUG?

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@Gadzooks Thanks for the effort... ! But in the way you described I am ending up with a simple 2D Symbol without any dynamic parameters (which I could easily draw). I would then have to make different symbol for each door width , wall thickness etc... also making a report would have to be improvised. 


Is it really not possible to add i.e white filling for threshold with also white borders ... I know its an improvisation, but I am getting used to it while working in VW


Thanks again

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6 minutes ago, jah011 said:

I am ending up with a simple 2D Symbol without any dynamic parameters


Thought that was what you required.


If you need the functionality of the door tool but only in 2D just keep to Top/Plan. But, I'd advise you start to use walls (still in Top/Plan) to really ramp up your workflow.


(I'm trying to get you down off the roof of that car😀)




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3 hours ago, jah011 said:

Is it really not possible to add i.e white filling for threshold with also white borders


Choose to show a threshold and adjust it to suit the door opening. It will default to a white box with a border, but you can alter the 'class' settings to rid the box of its border.



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