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Using Symbol Library with Spotlight Tools ?

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Hello all .... 


I realize this is something I should have figured out a long time ago -- however ....


The Spotlight tools are chocolate-- ie - insert a projector, speaker, array, etc ..

The Spotlight libraries are peanut butter - ie. L'acoustics, Panasonic, etc ...


How to I make a Reese's ??

(insert the library symbol into the plugin tool?)






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I don't think that what you are asking for is going to be possible. 


The Speaker Tool creates the geometry On the fly according to the criteria you set within the tool at that time. This is the same for most plug-ins in Vectorworks. The resulting speaker object can be saved as a Plug-in Symbol (red) to be used again and again.


The Speaker Symbols from the Library files are Black symbols and as such contain geometry that could never be created by the speaker tool plugin so cannot be used by the speaker tool at all. That is the difference.


I don't use speakers much as I'm an LD, but I believe the speaker symbols can be used as part of the Line Array Plug-in and of course can be inserted wherever you need them elsewhere on a drawing (probably right in front of a lighting boom!)



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I was playing around with it - and I found that If I put one of the panasonic projectors into my drawing - That projector then became availabe to the PIO Screen Tool.

I think it may have something to do with the correct Record being attached to the symbol??


I also remember adding symbols to the library file that the PIO referenced.

However, this got boring as every library update and/or version release wiped out that file.


I'll shoot to upload an example later.


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Find your install location


ie: C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2018\Libraries\Defaults\Audio Tools\Speakers


edit the Generic Speaker file and add all your symbols you need and they will show up in the tool.


There may be things that do not work using this but it works for what I need it to do.


There is more info on landrudesign Audio tool info page


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