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Image prop failure


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Greetings. I am having some issues with image props in a rendering. There are LOTS of them. (Thousands)


I’ve used this same concept on many projects successfully but have also run into this issue and don’t know what to do to troubleshoot it. 


Basically, the props are there in wireframe and in OpenGL. Whenever I render unsung Renderworks, they disappear. They show up for the OpenGL preview, but they disappear with each processed block. What is even more odd is that it is just sections of them. Some still remain. 


Anticipating that this issue might show up, I’ve been rendering from time to time and all was well. Once everything was done and ready to start actual renders, this issue popped up. Any thoughts on what I should check?  Is it possibly an issue of quantity?  It’s about 7,000 props. 

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i assume you have tried another Render style. 


The other thing that seems to cause unexplainable glitches is files that are a long way from the internal drawing origin. 


Just my 2 penneth. It looks like you will be on top of the problem soon enough!


I’d be interested to see the final renders. It looks like quite a project!!

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I thought I had replied to this but I am not seeing the reply. 


The solution was to copy the audience props from the reference file into the main drawing. Not at all what I wanted, not ideal, but it works. 


I did try deleting ting and re-asserting the reference file and that actually made things worse. I suppose I could copy and paste the audience into a dedicated drawing and then reference that in. 

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