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Roof Soffit editing

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How can I edit the roof so that it starts and stops on either side of my stairwell? (see image attached). I have tried the 2D reshape, subtract object from slab, and subtract solid. No luck. I'd like to maintain the ability to edit it later as well. id like something similar to the "create wall recess" but for a roof. Do i need to approach it like a skylight, but that wont let me take it to the edge and cut out the overhang?


all thoughts and ideas are welcome.



Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 12.35.38 PM.png

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plan view - make a rectangle of the area you want to subtract - copy rectangle - select roof (in top plan) - edit group - paste rectangle in place and exit group - area should be removed (if I've remembered those steps correctly!)




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got it! Thanks Fabrica. Not exactly that, but close.


Create 2D rectangle in area to be removed, select the roof, then 2d edit, then hold shift key to select both roof and 2d rectangle, then finally right click and select clip surface to remove that part of the roof.


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16 hours ago, AD+B Studio said:

I'd like to maintain the ability to edit it later as well


(Goes without saying, but for those that don't know) You can always return the full roof by using the same 2D procedure with 'add surface' and then maybe an altered 'clip' shape if the building changes.


Nice building btw.



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