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Chain Hoist New Function


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I am sure this has probably been covered and debated just reaching out to appropriate people but thought it would be good to see publically.


I am looking for when I use the chain hoist tool to add hoists function types.  I am playing in the "Chain Hoist Symbols.vwx" file.  I saved from the VW program root directory to my user folder.  I have added a folder in the function folder in the resource manager.  I have then duplicated a symbol and put it in that folder.  I went to edit the symbol and in its attached records adjusted the function field to the value I wanted. However in the dropdown for function on a new hoist I do not get this new value.  


What can I do?




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A few things first.

Hoists can change their look by

1. Type and Manufacturer 

2. Type and Function.

3. Hoist Position

When you pick a "1/2 Ton" Type and a "Video" function, the hoist looks for a symbol named

1/2 Ton



It looks for a symbol whose name is "Hoist 1/2 Ton Video Down".  If it does not find one it, both the Manufacturer and Function get set to "Unspecified".  Unspecified manufacturer and unspecified function are considered empty strings, and the hoist PIO looks for a symbol whose name is "Hoist 1/2 Ton Down"

So...  If you want to add a function of "Matt G" you need to make 2 symbols for each type you care about.

For the 1/2 Ton type, you need to add a symbol named "Hoist 1/2 Ton Matt G Up" and one named "Hoist 1/2 Ton Matt G Down".  You need to do this for every type you foresee needing the "Matt G" function.

Ok, Where to you add the symbols?  I think you need to add them to the file "Chain Hoist Symbols.vwx" located in the application folder.  On a Mac that would be:

Hard Drive/Applications/Vectorworkds 2018/Libraries/Defaults/Hoist Tools/ Chain Hoist Symbols.vwx

I have never tried to put a new symbol into a file in the User folder; might work, but probably not.  Maybe Kevin can let us know.

Wait you're not done.

Having created the correct symbols in the correct file the function still will not show up in the "Function" drop down in the OIP.  To add the new function name you need to open the plug-in manager:



Click on the "Built-in Plug-ins tab.

Select the "HoistVW" object

Click on "Customize"



Then, select the "Parameters" tab

Select the "Function" parameter

Click on the "Edit" button



In the resulting dialog, click on the "Choices" button



In the resulting dialog, add "Matt G" anywhere you want in the list.  Before "Other" is might be best, but probably doesn't matter.  



Click "OK" and close all the dialogs.  You should be good to go.

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True, I did write the original, but VW has been continuing to both tweek it for consistency and making it work with Braceworks.  This is not your 2014 Hoist Tools.

Down the road, it is conceivable that, in the future, Hoists might have there function and manufacturer values dynamically loaded, based on the contents of the Chain Hoist Symbols file.  I did not know how to do that in 2014.  There is a cost to dynamic loading of OIP drop downs, so this feature should not be assumed to be a future feature.




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