Our teams here at Vectorworks, Inc. paid close attention to the wishlist requests and other forum communications this year, and we heard you loud and clear — you want improvements to the quality, speed, and usability of the software and its existing capabilities.   To give you a taste of what we’ve been working on for the next release, Teaser Tuesdays are back!

The first item we are sharing, which should be of interest to pretty much all of you, is a user interface improvement that I already miss instantly when I need to hop back to old versions: Class and Layer Filtering, combined with a new Class and Layer Search. This video showcases a key improvement to the software as a whole, to solve for a challenge for which many of you had long adapted to a less than optimal workflow.     What I personally like about this improvement is not only the functionality itself, which is instantly useful, but also how well planned out the feature was from the start. It includes search and default filters and the ability to tag classes and layers, then search for those tags. It’s so simple! You will also have the ability to create custom filters to be displayed among the default ones, making it easy to quickly call up a set of items and then refine the results further if needed. AND these filters can be saved and shared between files, meaning these preconfigured filters can be attached to your templates and included in company standards.   Now for something NEW!

We will be hosting a live Facebook session to discuss each of the items we share in Teaser Tuesday posts. Here’s how it will work: the teaser will come out on Tuesday (Wednesday if you live on the front edge of the world!) and then you can post questions about it on Wednesday in the forum, through direct messages, or on our Facebook post. On Thursday at 2:00 p.m. ET, we will answer your questions live on the official Vectorworks Facebook page . If you can’t make it, don’t worry, we’ll also be transcribing the answers and posting to the forum too.

Feel free to ask any questions you like related to the feature that was just teased. This format is an experiment for us, so we also welcome any feedback or suggestions for the format, as well.   We plan to share Teaser Tuesday posts and host live Q&A sessions each week leading up to our launch of Vectorworks 2019!