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Dimensioning large radii and exporting??


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Is there a way to dimension a large radius and eliminate the center point?? I have some drawings with large radii where the center point is out in space and when I go to export dxf this point in space really screws up the export. If I try and select the point and delete the dimesion goes with it. I see no good way to seperate. This problem only occurs in VW and not my other programs. Is this a quirk with dimensioning in VW11??


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When dimensioning the radius, make sure that the arrow is not 'inside', you can click this off on the object info box. You will then get an arrow pointing to the outside of the arc which you can adjust its location. Or ytou can use the fourth option at the top tool mode bar - 'Exterior radial dimension' .

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That will get rid of the center point of the dimension but the center point of the radius is still in space and it too causes the same export problem. Draw a shallow arc using Arc by 3 Points and see where the center point is when you go to 'Fit to Objects' screen mode. This point you can't get rid of.


Using Exterior Radial Dimension still results in the center point in space.


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Convert the arc to a Polyline, which may be easier said than done. I did not find a command to do this, so here's what I did.

1) Duplicate the arc for safety's sake.

2) Group it.

3) Change the width of the group then change it back. (eg - ∆X = 335.3, change to 335.31 and back to 335.3. Arc will now be a Polyline with 4 points.)

4) Delete the offending center point, either onscreen or with the OIP.

5) Now, the middle point on the curve is a Bezier Point, but if you want an Arc Point, use the Arc Smoothing menu under Edit>Smoothing>Arc Smoothing. Now you can adjust the Radius in the OIP, if need be.

6) Delete the original when you are satisfied.

Is there and easier way? One could write a script if there were a lot to do.



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Hi Tom, Have you considered a simple low tech line (or lines) and appropriate text (eg: r=3.5 or whatever). Just a thought, but every so often I am reminded how much time I can waste trying to get a particular piece of software to do something it obviously doesn't do too well - when all I really want is a legible dimension. Sometimes it is faster & easier to think of the computer as a more literal "$2,000 pencil" and just draw the line. P

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I use the 'low tech' method of lines and arrows all the time. My point is that some of these VW tools just don't work correctly. I cannot be the only one having these export problems. The problem is the center point in space of not just the dimension but of the arc also.

Tom in PA

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