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Windows in a wall. Details and symbols

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Hello, Can anyone point me towards some videos/tutorials on making windows using windows styles etc. I have the basics, as per the std tutorials I can find. What I'm trying to do is to put a 2D symbol in at the jamb (only needs to be visible in 2D mode?), There does not seem to be any comprehensive videos about this, and about wrapping the wall components around at the wall termination.


This one on doors is useful, because the same applies to windows.




So this sorts the wall components.... 


And there are a few tantalizing options in the window style settings, but I can't get them to work as I need them. 


When I use the settings > general > use symbol geometry,  it uses just inserts a symbol in the centre. Fine if all the windows are the same size. But they never are.


I'm thinking there must be something that allows me to have one symbol on one side, and a mirror of it on the other, and stretches some lines between... I thought this might have something to do with the 3d hole in wall symbol type definition, but if it is, I can't get it to work. 


Is it because I'm not defining the symbol correctly? Can the parametric / associative geometry work in symbols? to lock end points of lines together and mirror etc?  These can work making an object, but I don't know how to define it as a symbol that does what I need it to?


(the more basic geometry from the std window tool is fine for the 3d, its just the 2d I want to enhance)


The same question will come up for cill and head I guess. 



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Not sure that is possible.   If this were Revit, you could do that, but alas, VWX only allows a symbol as-is and doesn't allow parametric constraints.


Do you have an image of what you are trying to achieve? An image of the jamb symbol?

What I typically do, is just set the jamb/sill/head settings as close as possible to what I am trying to achieve and then let the Window Jamb/Head/Sill Details do the work. If you don't need the special configuration to show up in elevation, then just let the plan be a graphic representation (you should dimension to the center of the opening anyway) and show the configuration in a detail.



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I made some progress, It can't do what I hoped, but it has kind of worked to a LOD 300 type thing. Using the internal and external detail components (ie. how many wrapping components) works ok in plan - this is straight from the 3D model




then hit a few bugs. So I'm bodging it again. This string kind of sums it up.


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