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Marionette and Project Sharing Issues

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does anyone ever used a marionette object in conjunction with project sharing? I created a text object, that reads out the space name, space area and some other parameters and displays it. So far it works well, but as soon as it's integerated into project sharing it breaks. Somehow the connections between the nodes get corrupted.


That's how it's supposed to look like. It's a variation of the object created by DomC. (Thx btw. :))



That's how the network looks after inserting into a project file. Everything fine.632651266_Bildschirmfoto2018-08-06um13_13_10.thumb.png.5f90ae6f1564936c152a69f95c95115f.png

Thats how it looks like in another working file after commiting the changes.


Does anyone have any clue or comments how to avoid that?








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Hi Ed,

Which version and service pack are you using? I'll try to do some investigation, but in our internal PS/Marionette testing, I did not encounter this problem.


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Hi Marissa,


thanks for the quick reply. We are using Vectorworks 2018 SP4. Maybe I am doing something wrong with this object. I've attached a file with a space object and my marionette object. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I've done some testing of the marionette object. Somehow I can't reproduce it in a separate empty working file. I am not a 100% sure that it might be due to PEBKAC.

Will do some more testing and post the updates here.




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