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roof component bound offset

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@mike11968 - there are a few issues with your roof construction here, but I'm sticking to just the top junction issue, you need the Connect/Combine tool


Starting with a 'faulty' junction..




Use the tool and the appropriate options for the tool (have a play around with the options to get acquainted)...




Then, highlight one section of roof and drag to highlight the opposing section to join the two..




to provide the fix you need...




You can carry out this operation from any viewing position that you can see both pieces conveniently.


I assume this is what you need.



Sorry, (reading your OP more carefully!!) I have misunderstood your problem - you are talking about just top component.

I'm guessing something said 'don't go there again' after an earlier similar question.....




You'll see some of the issues.



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1 minute ago, mike11968 said:

did not trim the top roof component


Agreed - hence my Edit of that post. This is a complication Roof Faces just can't deal with.


Read on and use Roof rather than faces. (As discussed) this should work for you.



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I asked a while ago if this could be fixed. The issue with the create roof tool is if you ungroup it (for whatever reason) you are back to square 1 with the original issue above. I have reverted back to using 2 roof faces a thin tile overhang and a thicker lower rafter. It's very time consuming. Also has implications for working drawing detail. Argh!


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