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Complex wall opening


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Under the AEC menu, Select "Create Wall Recess".  It will insert the solid wherever it is located in 3d space.


Wall recesses sometimes randomly disappear, they also sometimes display oddly in plan.  They also sometimes don't regenerate from VW backup files.  All this means that they may need to be reinserted.  In instances like this, however they are truly useful.



Wall Opening.vwx

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Nice work, @Kevin McAllister!  And, great 'splainin' too.


This type of opening was asked several times before (probably Kevin offered solutions, among others).


Although it is an old form and must have several names, I have seen this opening referred to as a Ronchamp window, after Le Corbusier's use:



Is it possible to add more search tags to to this really great thread showing the common monickers?  

Architects, what else do you call this wall opening config?



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