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All fonts and formatting changed...in multiple files


We have had a nightmare scenario where in a push toward a deadline we noticed that ALL of the fonts and their formatting changed throughout several documents and their associated references. I have never seen anything like this before in our workflow and we have been using for a long time.



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It sounds like a font mapping issue. Not many other things would globally affect all the fonts in a file. Do you use a standard system font? Has your operating system been updated recently?


Close your files and back them up. Go to Tools>Options>Vectorworks Preferences>Display and click on Font Mappings. Delete all of the font mappings. Reopen your files and see if the Font Mapping dialog pops up. If it does, I would try remapping the fonts back to themselves. I've seen font IDs change and VW will get confused about what the true font is.




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Thanks Kevin...unfortunately our work arounds had already rendered this fix difficult to gauge, but I will try to keep it in my head for the next time...which hopefully never comes.


I have to say that I was perplexed by this one...haven't ever seen it before.

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I've seen something similar...some of the door tags suddenly turned out huge. Not all of them though, and they are all using the same font:




Going to try Kevin's mapping tip the next time this occurs.


Edit: For us this occurred in two separate files, not simulatenously

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