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Change Over from VW9 to VW 11...worth it?


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We are a small company and are expanding to incorporate another 3-4 users. We currently are using VW9.5 for Windows and are debating upgrading to VW11. Due to the size of the company we cant afford a lot of downtime.The question i have for users is have all the (crash causing) bugs been ironed out of 11 at this point? Or should we wait for further updates?

Input would be appreciated.

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others may have a different experience, but I have found VW 11 to be pretty stable. You may be thinking of the problems that you had with VW9. VW11 has not been like that, and VW11.0.1 is not out.

The viewports are a whole new way of setting up drawings and need to be lloked at before you change everyone over. If you have a local trainer, get them in for a day's lesson so that you get up to speed quickly.

if you don't have a local trainer then get my two manuals. you can use these to upskill your staff.

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upskill? When did was this buzzword invented?

One thing you'll have to think about is how much of your drafting staff is dedicated drafting staff. Many here do some drafting, but only 3 or so are real production staff. The production people may take a little time to acquaint themselves with the new way of drafting and the significant (YES it is, if you're moving from 9) differences in input. Other people who spend less time with the program, will require much more time to 'upskill' (a.k.a. 'learn new program' yeesh). If they're design staff, they'll be frustrated and want to slough off more of their small work to the production staff as a result. Food for thought.

I'm in the same boat and holding off as long as I possibly can.

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Depending on your location you may have to contend with the use of a dongle if you have not already. There are problems I'm experiencing with this which I hope will be sorted soon. I'm only a single license user so it may be different for you, multilicense and with a server etc.

I'm on VW10.5 but it's the same dongle for VW11.

Whilst I'm know there are many worthwhile improvements in the upgrades this can only judged as worth it in respect to the type of work you do, how you use the program, what hardware your running it on and how you present your work.

For example dxf import is much improved but if you never have to use this then its of no interest. That's not to say it's not a welcome or good increased functionality.

My view is that whilst a feature improvement such as how the nudge tool now works is great but not if during the upgrade process I am robbed of speed in basic drawing practise by other things not working correctly.

Bound to be bugs etc. and Nemetschek seem to get most sorted pretty quickily.

Will it increase your workrate and turnover? That may only be answered in retrospect. Is there anything you can't do in the course of your daily work with your current version that upgrading will allow you to do. If the answer is yes then it must be worth it. If it's a no or a maybe then you may decide not to upgrade.

Finally I'd check out new licenses. You may well not be able to buy 9.5 additional licenses anymore and the decision to upgrade may be taken out of your hands, with only the option to buy VW11.

Still think it's great despite the moans.

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Thank you all.....the costs are in and it appears we are taking the leap.

A bit worrying the heads up on possible loss of speed, considering we are loading it onto existing hardware (Pentium 3's Win 2000).

Will let you know the final outcome when we are up and running.

By the way, what is the "nudge" command?? this sounds a bit inaccurate for such a precise dicipline!

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The nudge command allows you to move your selection by small increments using the arrow keys instead of the mouse.

To be honest I don't know if this has a preset distance with the option to change, but it seems to move in "real world terms" if you understand me. For example, if I'm veiwing my object on a 1:50 scale drawing at say 300% zoom and I "nudge" it with the arrow key right, it will move say half a millimetre on my screen in the "real world". If I zoom right in close to the object and do the same it will still move half a millimetre in real world terms. Does that make sense.

In other words the closer you get the more accurate it is. That's how I see it.

CAD of course is a highly accurate tool but not all working disciplines require the same levels of accuracy.

We, as you know can draw to .05 of a millimetre,even lower than that, but when you give the drawing to a carpenter with a HB pencil, expanding tape measure and a panel saw somewhere to the nearest millimetre is all you can hope for and to be honest, all in my case that's needed ;~)

You'll find it in older version under the move command menu, but I'm sure you know that.

Good luck with the upgrades.


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