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Guy Lubroth


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How do I slope a generic solid rectangle? I want to use it as a massing element of my site model.


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1 hour ago, Guy Lubroth said:


So many ways. First to my mind is to draw the section of the slope over the rectangle and then simply extrude the polyline to desired depth. See attached movie

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Thank you mjm, your visual is great.

I am aware and able to do this, but what I am looking for is something I can do and change in 3D and a massing study in progress (similar to the push & pull tool or change wall peaks.

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Perhaps the Taper Face tool in the 3D modeling toolset?




It can take a minute to get used to, but it's the only 'interactive' tool I can think of for this purpose.

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Actually... if you like the wall peaks editing mode, perhaps just use a Wall but make it super think and short? Then you can edit the wall peaks to interactively adjust the ramp:



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This is exactly what I want to try, but I am having trouble making my sequence accomplish this or make the tool "behave"

Thank you.

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1. you can draw a simple wall (straight or curved wall) (wallheight = rampheight, wallwidth = rampwidth)

in wall edit-mode (double click on wall) you can move one of the top blue points to the bottom (you must be in 3d view).

done! best: works also with curved walls.


2. in the german version we have a specific ramp tool in the archtecture tools.



andy broomel has given the same answer

(i should read all given answers before i do my answer …)

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I appreciate your feedback, but I don't think the wall tool is what want to use, because I want to be able to add and remove shapes to the ramp shape as I work on ideas...

The ramp tool can work for the slope (only), but I am looking to have the bottom level horizontal (not sloped).

Taper face seems to be the right tool, but I am not able to understand how to use it...


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you can convert a wall into nurbs and then combine them to a solid.

now you can do what you want (subtract, add, ... whatever)

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2 hours ago, Guy Lubroth said:

but I am not able to understand how to use it...


Yes, it's a UI pearl.


You first have to look at another Face - the one that touches the Face you really want to rotate,

at that Edge you want to rotate about - and select that secondary Face first.

And than you can click on the Face which you initially wanted to slope

This will finally define your rotation axis.


And while this Face is selected, the next click will immediately define the rotation.

(No reference angle from another start angle possible, but you can at least put in

a numerical angle ° value)


So to get used to (instead of confused of) the Taper Face Tool,

start with a simple Cube Solid,

select any Face first,

then select any other Face touching the first selected Face,

and click anywhere perpendicular to the last Face,

to see how it rotates.


Once you finally got used to that unintuitive behavior and played a bit,

you'll be able to rotate (taper) a Face into any angle in all Axis

you can imagine.


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I've been busy and will be for a little while, but...  I will try this next., looks promising!

Thank you

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