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Add tool Preferences to SDK tool


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I made an extension tool that derives from VWExtensionTool like in the provided SDK samples.

How can i add preferences AKA object properties or parametric record to this, so that i can edit those as settings for the tool, like in this little screenshot?


I was expecting a solution similar to VWExtensionParametric for VWExtensionTool  but i didn't found a way to include the parameter definition array, 

Thanks beforehand for your advice.

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Is this an insertion tool for an object, or just a tool?


If the former, you can just link the tool to the object with the /*ParametricName*/ value in the tool definition.


If it's a standalone tool, decide if the preferences will be application or document specific.  If application, use Get/SetSavedSetting() to store values.  If per document, you need to create a hidden record format and store values to the record attached to nil.  (That will store to the record definition in the document header).  Either way, you will have to write your own dialog for user interaction.

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