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Drawing registers


Hi all,


 I'm trying to create a 'clever' drawing register. I've created a worksheet data object and its on a sheet; looks great etc. However when I change the name of a sheet for example it doesn't update on the worksheet - I have tried recalculating it. This is also the same with adding revisions. I have my own sheets set up with title blocks that all seem to work fine. 


I've looked online for videos/explanations with no luck.


Can anyone point me in the right direction/give me some pointers? 


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4 minutes ago, line-weight said:

I guess there's not a clever way of getting it to automatically number the pages 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5, etc? It would need to be able to count the total number of pages on the sheet, and number them in order.

- In VW2019 you could automatically count all TBBs in the file, using the Sheet Data Page Number field. However, this will not do the job for your case, so the answer is no, there is no auto way to do this.

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5 minutes ago, Nikolay Zhelyazkov said:

Did you create the worksheet again from the Manager after you have executed the scipt once?

I think I ran the script and then I recalculated the worksheet, rather than updating it from the Manager.

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18 hours ago, line-weight said:

@nikihoops did you get any further with this?


I kind of gave up to be honest. It was a busy period when I first raised the issue so I have been continuing with using excel to create my drawing registers. (luckily we're a small office; only me producing drawings!) 

But now there are some more answers here I shall have a read through and try again. 

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