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Is cardboard still a thing?

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I don't want to take a position in public that I can't support however; I'm not finding much on the Cardboard issue vis a vis VW & would like to know more. It seems that after the Design Summit in 2016 & the cool Cardboard viewers that were handed out, this might be a way forward for sharing a cheep immersive bit to tech for things like public meetings. We are in the earl stages of a public meeting planning & I would really like to explore this to a more fulsome outcome. I just can't find the kind of documentation and pathway that I can sell to the principals & clients.  I feel that by using immersive technology we can cut the knees out of a lot of NIMBY BS by showing how designs can work in a positive way for a community.   I'm just not seeing the links, so I may be not looking in the right places. My question is: " Is Cardboard a thing or is this a tech dead end?"


Any advise?

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To sell it just put them in VR.


For a public meeting etc. non tethered would be preferred.


If you shell out for Oculus GO (200 bucks I think as it is £200 here) OR if you have a daydream phone (pixel etc.) then buy a daydream viewer ($49)


For a basic build VW ----> Unity and publish either to oculus or daydream. Straightforward and very cheap.

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So we can get 3D images and models so if one sits in our office & looks at the model all is great. What I'd like to be able to do is have a public meeting where I can say "here are a bunch of cardboard viewer. Go to this website & download the app. Put your phone in the viewer & take a look at our great project. I think Nomad can do some of this but does this really work and can one moderate at the same time?

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Hey Jim, I have a few leads that might bring you closer to where you want to be.


The first would be to export your 3D model from Vectorworks as a 360 image using the Export to Panorama feature. You can embed this image into a 360 image viewer on your website, perhaps using a wordpress plugin like WP-VR-view. However, this approach would create a monoscopic image and a static camera.


Perhaps what you are looking for is more of a fly through experience so that the viewer can experience what it would be like to move around in the VR space. If so, you might choose to export your Vectorworks model as .c4d and import into Cinema4d Lite (which is free if you have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud). By bringing your model into Cinema 4D you can animate a 'camera' that moves around your 3D model. Then you can export your animation as a series of 360 images to tie together quickly in After Effects to create a 360 video. It is also possible to create a stereoscopic experience using this option. Here is a tutorial that walks you through the process I am describing. So the end product in this case would be a 360 video uploaded to Vimeo that your public audience could view on google cardboard.


And my third suggestion would be to use the Vectorworks Web Viewer feature to create a shareable link for your viewers to not only navigate around your model on their phones but also view it in VR with google cardboard.


Hope this helps!

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