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Automatic Viewport Saved Views



  • I love saved views!
  • Viewports are critical to anything but the smallest projects. How to make them better?


My basic set of saved views are essentially copies of my basic sheet viewports. But as a project gets more complex the viewport settings change with new class/layers, overrides or whatever. So a common work step is to update those saved views to match. Why not have it automated? Aren't viewports really just saved views on a sheet? Sure you can get there, but many clicks and much time can be saved by having every viewport show in the saved view list and track with those changes! 


A sub list could be links to the annotations for those viewports. But that would only save time and frustration...

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Once my projects really get going, I find that navigating through the file to get where I want is best served by going through the sheet layers and editing the design layers.  I totally agree with having a set of "synched" views that correspond to the settings of my sheet layer viewports.  I'm all about less clicking.

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