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Flag at Rest

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The easiest way would be to have someone who uses C4D make a dynamic one using cloth simulation. That way its easy to texture, since the texture fits the flat flag. Then it would be fairly quick to export a selection of various flags just by swapping the texture and exporting static snapshots of the geometry.....


Its probably possible to model something in VW but its unlikely you could texture it to look realistic.




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Thanks Jeff and Kevin.


I messed about with the sub division tool but it was just too complicated for something that is essentially such a simple thing. 


I guess the key to it is making sure that the top and bottom curves are near enough the same length (as they would be in reality) and that they had the same number of vertices each. That made the loft tool work without a hitch.


Mapping the texture was slightly more tricky, but seems to have worked out quite well. Now, if you want a U.N. style ring of flag poles all you need to do is endlessly duplicate the textures and swap out the flag designs!

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