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Default content not displaying

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I have set up a workgroup folder which contains my custom hatches which I want displayed as default content when I select hatches in the attribute palette.


I can see this file in the resource browser under the workgroup tab however it doesn't display as default content in the workspace. See screenshots below. Any suggestions?


The workgroup file location is:

...Vectorworks\Libraries\Defaults\Attributes - Hatches.


There are no files in the equivalent user library location so they are not being overridden. I feel like there is a basic setting wrong or something I'm not doing right.


I have got vectorworks libraries enabled in the VW Preferences.Capture.thumb.JPG.a0d8129f2708b2b971f06a99bf99c6c4.JPG


Screenshot (36)_LI.jpg

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I still haven't resolved this one. Anyone out there got any suggestions?



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Looks like no suggestions then...


No worries tho! -> after searching this forum (again), refreshing libraries (again) I gave up but then got a notice that the new vw2018 sp4 update was  finally available here in NZ and after updating ->> voila! My custom library content is now available as defaults through our office workgroup! 🙂

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Like you, I thought the idea of sharing resources with the Workgroup option was fantastic, but....


We can all access the libraries in the Workgroup folder, but I have things like "O:\GWA VW Workgroup\Libraries\Defaults\Attributes - Hatches" and "O:\GWA VW Workgroup\Libraries\Defaults\Walls_Slabs_Roofs", etc.


However, I did expect that the default line types would appear in the Attributes palette and that the default wall styles would populate the wall style drop down list... If only!


Yes, we have upgraded [Is that the correct word!?!] to SP4, but it has made no difference - the defaults don't appear as defaults. In Preferences I couldn't find an "Enable Vectorworks Defaults", but I have enabled Vectorworks Libraries.

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The "Favorites" folder in the Workgroup location is working very well - only one library to update! Yay!

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Thanks Nicolas - good idea, but no go! I hadn't done a manual refresh, so tried it!


I realise that there are at least 3 possible locations for default attributes, but I'm not even getting the defaults from C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2018\etc.


The defaults for wall styles used to appear in a drop down menu, but now I get a mini-Resource Manager. Where should I expect the defaults to appear?


Are all other users getting their default attributes or have they resorted to just using the Resource Manager?

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This is exactly the problem I had. Wish I could help. As mentioned the problem disappeared when I did the service pack update. 

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