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Modeling with Clip Cube

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I'm working on a complex model where internal rooms are only accessible with a clip cube. I cannot snap to objects that are cut by the clip cube, which makes modeling really difficult. The clip cube is a great tool, but I feel like I'm missing something. Can someone point me to a video or tutorial about how to model under these conditions?



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Although the clip cube seemed an excellent idea when I first saw it, I hardly use it, find it a bit too fiddly and not easy to switch in and out of.


For situations like you describe, I navigate all my models by a kind of fly-around method now (I use a 3dconnexion device) and this is the most fluent/easy way to access objects that are on the 'inside' of things.


It's also sometimes helpful to make groups of objects (say, a load of built-in furniture within a room) and then double-clicking into that group lets you edit it without the rest of the model being in the way. Obviously layers and classes can be used to the same effect.


Also, don't underestimate the power of 'saved views' - it can be useful to have some set up for locations inside buildings, that way you can navigate straight to a certain room or space in one click, with class/layer visibility saved too (or not, as you wish).

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I don't use groups at all.

But I have to admit that I always like editing things like Symbols

in editing mode, or my Extrudes including multiple 2D objects.

Except Slabs as they still don't show their environment in gray.


And I often forget to use the Clip Tool but when I do I think it

is working good.

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For complex situation or for rooms or other project’s parts, i am used also to create a large symbol. I can duplicate it in a different design layer, it’s easy to manage it for the presentation on sheet layer and viewports.

but groups is a great method too, like creating specific views.

there is some ways to the same goals, i mean 

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On 7/19/2018 at 9:56 PM, ThreeDot said:

I cannot snap to objects that are cut by the clip cube, which makes modeling really difficult.



I can snap to any snap point (Vertex/Midpoint/ ...) of any object that is shown in Clip Cube,

when these points are included in the clipped Volume.


I just can't snap to points of clipped objects - outside of the Clip Cube,

while it highlights all Clip Cube extending edges of such partly clipped Objects while hovering

for snap points along their visible parts.  > Which is good to better recognize these elements.

But I think it is very good that these partly clipped objects will not highlight when you

approach them from outside of the Clip Cube by their hidden parts.


I still think Clip Cube in VW is very very good.

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