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CABLE Worksheet: adding field

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Hi folks, 

Trying to make a worksheet report that includes the start and end label but it seems that the end label isnt an option.  Is there another menu where I can select perameters to add?


Being able to make a document that I can hand off to crew to make install is a big deal. Labels for both ends matter...


*Sorry for the dodgy photos... 

2018-07-18 09.23.59.jpg

2018-07-18 09.24.22.jpg

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I don't know why it is not showing up in the report creator, but you can add it manually.


Worksheet View Menu, select Database Headers.


Add a column to the report where you want the label to be shown.


Select the database row cell to enter the formula in (i.e. 3, not 3.1, 3.2, etc.)


Enter a formula of:   =('Feeder Cable VW'.'End Label Text')


Hide the database headers and you are set to go.


Save the worksheet and use that from the resource browser (put it in a library file) rather than using the report creator to make the report each time so you don't have to manually add this.


Submit a bug report on the report creator that the End Label Text should be an accessible part of the report.

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Thanks Pat!  

That was really helpful.  As it happens, you lead me to look for row three, which, when revealed had a drop down that gave me access to the end label.  

And good point.  Worth reporting the bug, though I've never bothered in the past.  Where and to whom do I report it?



And thanks again.  Much appreciated. 

2018-07-18 11.27.35.jpg

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