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=count value not a number?

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I'm setting up a worksheet retrieving values from space objects. First column contains a number, second column counts certain type of space objects and the third should multiply the value of the 1st and 2nd column...should...


...but it doesn't.


I've put the formula =(VALUE(A1)*VALUE(B1) in C1 but it doesn't convert the number in B1 to an actual number (B1 has the formula =COUNT). The result in C3 is the value of A1...


Surely I've done something wrong but I can't figure it out what so any help would be appreciated!



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Unless the data in a cell is text, you should not need the Value statement at all. Value takes a text representation of a number and converts it to the numerical value.


1.  Set the formula in C1 to =A1*B1.  What do you get?

2.  Set the formula in C1 to =Value(A1)*B1. What do you get?

3.  Set the formula in D1(or wherever does not mess with your worksheet layout) to =B1*2. What to you get?

4. Set the formula in D1 (or wherever) to =Value(B1)*2. What do you get?


Hopefully this will let you figure out what is going on. If you need more help, please ask again.

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