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Vectorworks DXF/IGES Export to MAYA 5 (VIZ and 3DS users may have advice)

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Does anyone out there have experience exporting from VW10.5 to Maya 5 or 6? Each time I do a DXF or IGES export, the import is whacked - it is scaled all wrong, elements are exploded a spread across the working space. I guess if you are able to export VW to 3Ds or Viz you may have some useful advice.

Maya is a 3D animation program. I want to bring my project to life by having dynamic elements on screen....

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It's been mentioned that I use a strange method; but here goes anyway. . . .

The best results I've had (trying to avoid crashing VW, and extremely long import/export times) are attained by exporting individual elements as SAT files. I import these into AutoCAD and scale by .03935. That's evidently the factor by which they are converted. I export them to 3ds MAX directly from AutoCAD. This makes a nice, neat element to use as an XREF file.

I say that this method has been questioned because others have exported to AutoCAD using the DXF/DWG conversion. However, that method doesn't work very well on sophisticated objects with lots of curved surfaces. The files also usually end up abnormally HUGE.

I'm not sure, since you don't need to go through ACAD, if you could rescale before exporting. It might be worth a try. Then you could import/export directly between VW and Maya.

Keep us posted on your successes and failures. I know a lot of people who would love to ditch 3ds MAX if we could find a better program to quickly compile and render Architectural models.

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Originally posted by squirrelboy71:

I know a lot of people who would love to ditch 3ds MAX if we could find a better program to quickly compile and render Architectural models

In that case maybe you and your other contacts would find Cinema 4D fitting the bill. You can export directly to Cinema with a supplied plug in from Vectorworks and update your files should you make changes without losing previous work. Over on Cinema4d forum at cgtalk.com a lot of current and ex users of Max mention how much nicerand easier it is to use.

You only need the basic Cinema to do this but may consider XL or Studio depending on your requirements.

Demos are freely available.

All the best


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