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Tim Olson

Which New Laptop did you Choose to run VW?

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Have you recently went with a new laptop for VW? If so, please share your experience and if you think it's whiz-bang, meh, or bad.  Here's mine:


I settled on a

Dell G7 15"

16 g 2666 mhz ram

gtx 1060 max q gpu

8th gen i7 6 core cpu


at first, I was very unhappy.  The Nvidia graphics didn't seem to be working on the laptop display at all, only the external.  I couldn't get past the scrolling lag on-site, on battery power, just to pull up a dimension.


Vectorworks service select came in, connected to my computer, and found that the scaling was different between the laptop screen and the external.  once they made those the same, it was a lot better.


Dell has very affordable premium 4 year service plans, so I went with that.  I've had their techs connect 4 times now, looking for possible causes of the performance issue and tweaking settings.


I was shocked to see average cpu and gpu temps around 50c, however they say that's normal.


I'm also a bit freaked when the fan turns on for simple web browsing - but once again, that's normal.  my old MBP sure didn't huff and puff like that but then again, it doesn't have a gtx 1060.  


so, I only have a few days to choose whether to return or not.  I think I'll keep it, and that it'll last at least a few years.


It has not been three times as good, maybe not even twice as good, but it is better performing, albeit never as silky smooth as mac os.  😞


I'd be very interested to hear your recent story; have you been impressed or meh?




Tim Olson



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I have been using an Origin Evo15-S for the last 6 weeks.

  • Win 10 Pro
  • i7-8750 2.2 GHz 6-core
  • 32 GB RAM
  • GTX 1070 Max-Q

So far things are good, renderings take some time, but Open GL is speedy, it's letting me explore a lot more 3D and rendering options. It will run as well as the desktops in the office, but the previous vendor hampered them with quadro cards.

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I bought a MSI GT75 8RG with the 4K screen Option. Core I9 with 32gb Ram and a 1080 Nvidia Card


laptop is Great.

Screen Resolution is Not!

Vectorworks does not handle Display Scaling correctly when Using a second Monitor.


When I try and Use My Second Monitor 3440x1440. I can open Vectorworks on Laptop Screen. As soon as you Drag it to Second Monitor VW crashes.


Tech Support has No Solution to this Problem.


So Avoid anything that you need to use Screen Scaling on.


I am forced to turn off laptop Display if I want to use 2nd Screen.

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@sbarnett I did some research before buying that seemed to indicate that it would take additional graphics power to drive the display instead of rendering, though I'd love a 4K display, I stuck with the FHD display. I do run a 2560X1440 QHD Dell display as a second monitor with no problems.

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@ScottLebsack I went through the same thing,  got w VW tech support and let them take over my laptop. Turns out the scaling has to be the same on both screens for it to work normally.  I'm curious to know if that solves your issue

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Correct Setting the scaling to 100% on the Laptop Monitor will Correct the Issue but then the laptop Screen Becomes un-readable at distance. And setting the Scaling of the Second screen to 200% defeats the Purpose of the Screen.

Either option means I cannot use both screens in an effective manner. So I choose the Best of the Option for me is to disable the Laptop Display and only use the Second screen.


Not the Result I would want after spending 6K on a laptop and 34" widescreen to be more Productive.

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@sbarnett I thought about the 4k laptop screen and went 1080 instead; I guess if you're doing video or gaming it would make a difference,  but for me it just makes everything more difficult to read

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I went with a ROG Strix GL753

Intel Core i7

17.3" 1920x1080

GTX 1050TI

16GB Ram

I use a USB external monitor for all my pallets


It has been a workhorse for working out of the office and in the field.

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Sparky I have the exact same machine without the external monitor. Works like a charm!

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