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How to embed user nodes in Marionette tool list

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I have a bunch of nodes which I would like to embed in the standard Marionette tool list. I understand the standard nodes are stored in (PC)

"Program files/Vectorworks 2018/Libraries/Defaults/Marionette/Marionette Default Library.vwx"


I can setup a separate User defined list of nodes by placing my library file in for example

"Users/<username>/Appdata/Roaming/Nemetschek/Vectorworks/2018/Libraries/Defaults/Marionette/Marionette User Library.vwx"


What do I need to do to embed user nodes in the standard Marionette tool list?


I did notice some folders in the user location ie Attributes$ , Math$ , Textures$ and Objects/NURB$  but I am not sure how to use/implement them.

Can I create a new category ie Tools$


It's been quite interesting using Marionette as a front end to plugin objects.



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After creating the marionette node, turn it into a symbol with the "convert to parametric object" option on. This way the node will become a "red" symbol.

To create a category, just create a symbol folder and move the node symbol in there.


To add your own nodes to the default library, insert it into a Vectorworks file and store that file in the (user) folder "Users/<username>/Appdata/Roaming/Nemetschek/Vectorworks/2018/Libraries/Defaults/Marionette/".

Update you library and you're done.

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Thanks. I did all of the above and have a functioning user library. My question was can I add nodes to the Marionette Default Library node list. If I craft some NURBS nodes for example, I don't want two locations for NURBS nodes (one set in Default library and another set in User library). I suppose I could have my own version of the Default library which would need to be updated at subsequent Vectorworks releases. Will probably just stick with my User library setup.


As an aside, for a user library can the code be stored in .py files similar to Default library. Default nodes have a first line in the script:



Is there an equivalent path to "VWLibDef" for user nodes (for example UserLibDef)


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24 minutes ago, BillW said:

Is there an equivalent path to "VWLibDef" for user nodes (for example UserLibDef)


You can use any local path you'd like, but yes, you should be able to use [UsrLib] for your user folder.

I haven't checked in a bit, so if that doesn't work, please let me know and I can reevaluate.


Also - to create the .py file, I would suggest creating your node in the script editor and then adding the command after you have it all figured out. It should look like this:



Make sure you leave out the READONLY because it will give you an error when creating the file. You can add READONLY after the file has been created and it will update the file accordingly.

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Marissa did a quick test. I tried using the #COMMAND line ie using [UsrLib] which failed with message dialog "The referenced file was not found"


I then tried the full path to the file - see attached image - got the same message. The file does exist (on PC) - see below


Will keep on trying. Could it be a case sensitive issue with .PY instead of .py




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That message is expected. It's telling you it couldn't already find the file, but it will create it for you.

Go ahead and continue through after that message and you should be all set!

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